FeatVPN for non-rooted Android

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ROOT FEAT VPN is an Android app
that brings OpenVPN to
Android versions 2.1
through 3.2. In contrast to
existing apps, FEAT VPN
does not require you to root your Android phone or
tablet and thus void its
warranty. FEAT VPN works
on unmodified off-the-
shelf devices.

The new version is available
from the following links.
Keep in mind that you need
to install the correct
version of FEAT VPN for
your version of Android.

If you have Android 2.x or
3.x, then download eclair-2013-01-23.apk: GetMeFree

If you have Android 4.x or
later, then download ics-2013-01-23.apk: GetMeFree

For more info and TUT on how to use FeatVPN JUST LOG ON TO : Here


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